Introducing LUNA Learning Segments

LUNA Learning: Quick video overviews of LUNA updates and workflows starting with the 3 new features introduced August 2019  - LUNA Release v7.4.3

1 – Enhanced User Analytics
Introduced in LUNA v7.4.3, we enhanced Google Analytics for more comprehensive LUNA Viewer usage reporting. To achieve this, we're using Google Tag Manager.

2 – LUNA Viewer Preferences
A beta version provides the collection admin with a choice of LUNA viewer Detail Views. What was optional in the LUNA Detail View is now a preference controlled by the collection admin enabling the admin to set Mirador's IIIF viewer as a default.  The mirador viewer exposes LUNA collection level annotations to IIIF and makes use of Open Sea Dragon for smooth zooming.

3 – Item Level Restrictions in LUNA
Collection owners and Super Admins may now restrict access to media items or media items and records in a collection, then grant access to those restricted items to a smaller set of users or credentials. 

Celebrating 25 years! Hundreds of Public Collections & Millions of Images in LUNA

For 25 years, Luna has been helping our clients bring their digital media collections to life through our LUNA software. In roles as software developers, service providers, and digitization specialists we have been exposed to some amazing content along the way.

This started us wondering, just how many special collections are exposed to the public in the LUNA Viewer?

To our delight and astonishment, we discovered that there are nearly 3.5 million media items on public display from over 625 different collections (...and counting)! That doesn’t even account for the numerous private collections that exist.  

As a result, we’ve decided to start showcasing all those years of hard work and effort that our clients put into making valuable resources available to the world. Follow us on Twitter for Featured Collection Friday, as we highlight a different collection every week.

This week’s featured collection is the Medieval Collection from the University of Manchester. The Special Collections Division of The University of Manchester Library holds outstanding collections of rare books, manuscripts and archives from the Middle Ages. Our Medieval Collection contains complete works of paramount importance in a variety of key subject areas, including History, Theology, Art, Literature, Language, and the History of Science and Medicine.

Whether you are into music, murals, art, history, photographs, manuscripts, science, computers, postcards, or just about anything else, a wealth of content awaits your discovery.
If you are interested in seeing the full list of public collections, you can also check out the Collections in LUNA page on our web-site!

Around and Around: 720,000 images on 130 reels – digitized + delivered

Long-time LUNA software client, the New York City Municipal Archive (NYCMA) embarked on a project with Luna’s Imaging Services team to digitize 720k nitrate negatives from 35mm still camera film spliced together onto 1000-foot reels.  

The best photographs don’t tell the whole story, but instead provide hints that kick start the imagination and encourage it to build its own story.  For the casual viewer of the New York City Municipal Archive photo collection there are thousands of such hints that do exactly that. The original targets of the project, the taxable buildings and properties of the five boroughs of New York City, are interesting themselves, but it’s the images of the people who have accidentally stumbled into the camera’s frame that are the truly fascinating gems.  The clothing, the hair styles, the faces… this is is the real 1940’s. It’s the undiluted human honesty of the unplanned. As one looks at these moments in time, these imperfect souls from a different era, accidentally caught on the periphery by the camera’s lens, the imagination can not help but weave life stories around these involuntary time travellers.

LA as Subject - Archives Bazaar - Save the Date - October 20

In all, more than 70 archives are represented at this event, which is free and open to the public.

In all, more than 70 archives are represented at this event, which is free and open to the public.

We at Luna Imaging are excited to once again participate in the annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar! 2018 marks our tenth year of support and attendance at this wonderful event.

For more than 20 years, the L.A. as Subject consortium has brought to life the diverse, often hidden stories that make Southern California such a fascinating place of discovery. In 2005, the consortium inaugurated the Los Angeles Archives Bazaar to give anyone with an interest in the region’s history a one-stop opportunity to interact with dozens of archives, from large institutions to private collectors.

Click on the image to download PDF or Learn More at the event website

Powerful Workflow


Your workflow supported by LUNA

The LUNA Toolset supports flexible workflow for a range of roles across organizations large and small.


Content In & Out
Batch import and export images and record metadata
- Media exports can include source images
- Export metadata as .csv with record and media identifiers assigned within LUNA
- Copy and/or move images within LUNA collections
- Repurpose content for use in LUNA and other systems

Simple and inexpensive preservation repository integration
- Leverage the Google Cloud Platform for an inexpensive storage option and backup solution
- Support import and export of associated media and file formats (such as RAW files) related to LUNA display media


Engage more users

The LUNA toolset has expanded to include the LUNAversal Viewer for increased audience engagement.   Device aware, the new LUNAversal Viewer is optimized for delivering content on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Task transparency for multiple user roles throughout the LUNA Toolset
- Use labels and search filters for organizing media batches for item and group edits
- Build, manage, and edit local authorities
- Easily find and replace data for single or multiple items and group edit metadata
- Control display facets and category browsing for ease of discovery

User Tools
Focused on Access
- Permit end users to personalize content with MyUploads
- Create and share saved groups through URLs and IIIF manifests
- Restrict or enable export of images and PDFs
- Export groups and presentations as Power Point (PPT) files
- Link to external resources such as forms or ecommerce solutions
- Annotate media
- Easily manage user roles and access through shared credentials


Responsive. Accessible. Customizable.

Introducing a new LUNA viewer designed for expanded audience accessibility.

Our upcoming Spring (v7.4) release introduces a IIIF viewer building upon LUNA as a IIIF image server while adding a responsive delivery option to the LUNA Toolset.  The new LUNA Viewer aims to meet Section 508 guidelines for web accessibility further enhancing the LUNA Viewer experience.



• Responsive – built for expanded delivery to audiences on mobile platforms

• Minimalist Design – Intuitive Navigation and Discover                                                                       Search and Display targeted collections/facets/related media/media groups

• Best Practices – LUNA as a IIIF Image Viewer                                                                                   Built upon LUNA as a IIIF Presentation API

• Provides an opportunity to further customize the viewer for LUNA clients

• Web Accessibility Compliance                   

• Introduces standard keyboard commands and actions for navigation


The LUNA Viewer API and IIIF for a Custom User Experience

With support for the IIIF Presentation API, LUNA collections and content can easily be explored in the expanding arena of IIIF Viewers.  The Clyfford Still Museum utilized the LUNA Viewer API and the IIIF Presentation API when working with Cogapp to create a custom user experience for exploring over 2,000 items. Read about it in the New York Times.

View Clyfford Still | Museum Online Collection
Learn how the pieces fit together:


The University Of Nebraska, Lincoln (UNL) completed a massive migration of over 300,000 items from CONTENTdm to the LUNA software system this year in only 2 months.  The entire project was completed in that short time by John Weise, Technical Services Librarian at UNL and one student assistant. John worked on extracting data from CONTENTdm, while his assistant created data templates in LUNA so that data could be seamlessly transferred from the old system, into the new.

One of the keys to their success was having Luna’s sales team grant UNL access to a proof of concept instance of LUNA. John was able to test the process of migrating large amounts of content into LUNA. Being able to experiment proved to John that one person could do the whole migration without the need for additional professional services.

When asked what attracted the University to LUNA, John explained that a number of factors influenced the purchasing committee. The flexibility of the sales team to allow the University a test drive of the product before purchasing and the level of customer service and responsiveness throughout was impressive to John in particular. The interface, the BookReader tool, the ability to move items from one collection to another and the Hosted Service pricing model attracted the group as a whole. Speaking with other clients and learning that Luna releases software updates regularly, often times with features requested by its community of users, played a compelling role in the decision as well.

UNL plans to roll LUNA out this Fall with hopes of generating interest among other departments on campus. Meanwhile, the process of cleaning up data and adding more content from different sources continues.

Explore All Collections at UNL.