New Year, New Hats


Funny how we like to put on party hats to celebrate the New Year. Now that we’ve returned to our offices and welcomed in 2014 I think about how our roles at work continue to evolve, and the many hats required!

It used to be that enterprise software was complicated, difficult to distribute and administer. I used to have one demo where I'd focus on LUNA's collection building tools, and then an entirely different one with a different crowd where I'd show all the user management features.

Not anymore.

Administering users is no longer something we leave to the tech department, it's now an expected feature in a lot of enterprise software and this is definitely taking us in the right direction. Many of the people I talk to looking for asset management software find themselves having to do more with less, their IT departments have been drastically cut and they're stuck with long delays before they can get their requests filled. By having a better way to manage the rights and responsibilities themselves they're getting a lot more done.

We're still wearing a lot of different hats, but at least now we are able to control which ones we wear and for how long!