Embedding Memories


I’ve had digital images floating around for the past 14 years.  On my four-year-old desktop computer they reside in an iPhoto file labeled “images for transfer.”  Prior to this date they have lived on various laptops and portable drives.  I don’t think I’m alone in confessing that my digital images are a mess.  Still, I don’t want to lose the images I have and I realize that I’m not practicing what I preach.

So today, as part of the testing phase for the next LUNA release, I built a new collection using just two of the images.  Both files date from 2000 and have sentimental value from my first year with Luna Imaging.  The black and white image is the first image I scanned – a Polaroid from 1965 (Polaroid Swinger) with me on the floor hiding a broken leg.  The color image of the passion flower is the first digital photo I took borrowing a SONY Cybershot – having just moved to LA from New York and completely hypnotized by our Venice Beach neighborhood.

LUNA now retains – and displays – embedded metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP) making it easier to recall the history of the source image displayed.  Fortunately, for my mismanaged files, I can make a fresh start and add my own metadata to the 14,000 images that I’m now beginning to organize.