Announcing LUNA v7.1

We are thrilled to announce the release of LUNA v7.1.  

In addition to bringing you more fabulous features designed to make working with your digital assets easier, this release also includes the highly anticipated migration process, enabling you to move your Insight collections into LUNA.

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LUNA v7.1 is not an upgrade, but an entirely new product. We recommend running LUNA v7.1 as a separate instance on your server so that you don’t interrupt your production environment during the transition. This will allow you to migrate your collections and validate them at your own pace, before making it the production version.


Before getting started, here are some questions you might be asking:


  • My institution owns a site license, how do I transition to LUNA v7.1?

Start by reviewing the migration documentation. When you’re ready to move forward with the process, contact us to request your new LUNA v7 serial number. If you want us to be involved in the migration just reach out and we will help you.


  • What are the system requirements for running LUNA on site?

Read the LUNA Technical Overview.


  • My institution is hosted by Luna, how do I transition to LUNA v7.1?

We’ll work with you to schedule the transition. We’ll start by scheduling a date to install the software. Then when you are ready, contact us to schedule the collection migration.


  • How do I know a migration to LUNA v7.1 is right for me at this time?

Compare features in LUNA to the features available in Insight.


  • How much does it cost to switch to LUNA?

If you have a valid maintenance or service agreement, LUNA 7.1 is free.


  • Where can I download LUNA v7.1?

Visit our Downloads page.


  • What’s next for LUNA?

The next release will include support for Bookreader objects in the LUNA Library and export of data and images.