LUNA Eclipse


Are you ready to Spring forward with LUNA?  I know I am.

With the most recent release, LUNA now eclipses our legacy Insight product.  This means that all ongoing development will be focused on adding functionality to LUNA and that our clients who have been using Inscribe and Studio can now migrate to the newer web-based LUNA for streamlined collection building and transparent media management.

Up until now, we have supported the delivery of Insight collections for access and discovery through the LUNA Viewer while also still supporting the the Insight suite of seemingly independent Java clients.  With the latest release of LUNA, much of the Insight suite client functionality is now available through the LUNA toolset.  You can access all tasks associated with building and representing collections from one place, and the direct link between the LUNA Viewer and the LUNA Library provides increased flexibility for immediate edits and instant updates!

Contact me for a demo and I’ll and show you how we’ve removed all of the mystery from collection building and collection distribution.  Within LUNA, all the tools – including user management – are easily accessed through your browser.  Once user roles are defined, the new LUNA toolset supports a distributed workflow for everything from batch uploads of media, to data template design, to discrete or public delivery of content through the LUNA Viewer.