LUNA and IIIF: Making LUNA's image repositories interoperable and accessible to the world

Here at Luna we have always strived to adopt technologies and standards that best meet the needs of our community and will have longevity, not just cutting edge appeal. We think the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) has met this criteria.

We are starting by enhancing our LUNA Media Manager to support these standardized image requests. These requests will pull content from all of our supported backend image formats. Jpeg, Jpeg 2000 and MrSid. So all of the image content in LUNA collections will be accessible using IIIF request format. This will not require any reprocessing or reconfiguration; it will just be available once released.

By adding IIIF support other image delivery technologies can be adopted like OpenSeadragon.

Static example:

Making a direct request from the LUNA Media Manager will result in specific region of the image,8000,4700,4400/768,/0/default.jpg


Dynamic examples:

Here are some more examples from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection using Open Seadragon and IIIF.  


Moving Forward

These examples are just the first steps we are taking to embrace the IIIF standard. As we move forward, we plan on posting more information about Luna Imaging’s progress in supporting IIIF.

If you have questions or comments please email us at