A New Year. A New Look.


With our next release we're unveiling a significant update to LUNA's visual design and user experience.  LUNA 7.2 will feature a newly redesigned Viewer -- including a new white theme -- that showcases your content in a clean, minimalist interface. The new design introduces larger images and fonts, bolder elements, and more legible data fields.  We've made critical features more prominent without discarding any of the existing features.

Click to expand image:


Viewing options, including specifying the number of images per page and the thumbnail size, are now located under the settings icon. 

Search options are accessed through the drop down menu in the search bar.

In the detail view, we've given more space to the item's media information and more prominence to the action buttons.

Click to expand the redesigned detail view:


We're excited about the direction we're taking with these enhancements: our new redesign, the white theme, and IIIF integration. You can expect to hear more from us about additional enhancements along the way.