LUNA supports IIIF, Google Cloud Vision API and HTML content

We are excited to announce that LUNA now includes a number of powerful new features: fully integrated IIIF, support for Google Cloud's Vision API and support for dynamic HTML media in the LUNA Viewer.  



IIIF is rapidly becoming the standard framework for sharing image-based resources among cultural heritage and research institutions around the world.  With support for the IIIF Presentation API, LUNA collections and content can easily be explored in the expanding arena of IIIF Viewers.

This means any image or BookReader object in LUNA can be shared individually or as part of a group of other content. These groups and searches are dynamic so if content is added or removed the URL pulls the appropriate content.

See LUNA and IIIF in action


Google Cloud Vision API

The latest LUNA release makes use of the Vision API's image analysis capabilities, including label detection, landmark detection, and optical character recognition.  This technology analyzes the content of an image, turning it into information that can be used to build your image catalog or supplement metadata.

Learn more about the Vision API →


HTML Media Formats

Easily display HTML content in LUNA.  LUNA treats URLs as objects which means users can now add a wide variety of HTML content: websites, videos, 3-D objects, and more. If a browser can render it, then LUNA can display it.

See examples of HTML in LUNA →