Enhanced SSL, Preservation Storage in the Cloud, and LUNA IIIF Community Participation

Enhanced SSL

With our current release (v7.2.6) LUNA can be configured for site-wide SSL across the LUNA Toolset. We also include an option for mixed SSL to accommodate non-SSL based media for content coming from other LUNA systems that are not serving their media using SSL. This will allow our clients flexibility when establishing SSL in LUNA.


Preservation Storage in the Cloud

Development is underway to add cloud storage integration within the LUNA Toolset.  Through the integration of Google Cloud Platform’s Nearline or Coldline storage, LUNA clients can easily manage and control the safekeeping of checksummed media and supplemental digital resources. Contact us to learn more about this new feature.


IIIF Community Participation

LUNA will participate in a IIIF Community meeting -  Mirador, Images and the Future of Digital Research on the Web - hosted by Stanford University in May.  LUNA makes it easy for your institution to be part of the IIIF community. Learn more about IIIF in LUNA.