Powerful Workflow


Your workflow supported by LUNA

The LUNA Toolset supports flexible workflow for a range of roles across organizations large and small.


Content In & Out
Batch import and export images and record metadata
- Media exports can include source images
- Export metadata as .csv with record and media identifiers assigned within LUNA
- Copy and/or move images within LUNA collections
- Repurpose content for use in LUNA and other systems

Simple and inexpensive preservation repository integration
- Leverage the Google Cloud Platform for an inexpensive storage option and backup solution
- Support import and export of associated media and file formats (such as RAW files) related to LUNA display media


Engage more users

The LUNA toolset has expanded to include the LUNAversal Viewer for increased audience engagement.   Device aware, the new LUNAversal Viewer is optimized for delivering content on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Task transparency for multiple user roles throughout the LUNA Toolset
- Use labels and search filters for organizing media batches for item and group edits
- Build, manage, and edit local authorities
- Easily find and replace data for single or multiple items and group edit metadata
- Control display facets and category browsing for ease of discovery

User Tools
Focused on Access
- Permit end users to personalize content with MyUploads
- Create and share saved groups through URLs and IIIF manifests
- Restrict or enable export of images and PDFs
- Export groups and presentations as Power Point (PPT) files
- Link to external resources such as forms or ecommerce solutions
- Annotate media
- Easily manage user roles and access through shared credentials