Celebrating 25 years! Hundreds of Public Collections & Millions of Images in LUNA

For 25 years, Luna has been helping our clients bring their digital media collections to life through our LUNA software. In roles as software developers, service providers, and digitization specialists we have been exposed to some amazing content along the way.

This started us wondering, just how many special collections are exposed to the public in the LUNA Viewer?

To our delight and astonishment, we discovered that there are nearly 3.5 million media items on public display from over 625 different collections (...and counting)! That doesn’t even account for the numerous private collections that exist.  

As a result, we’ve decided to start showcasing all those years of hard work and effort that our clients put into making valuable resources available to the world. Follow us on Twitter for Featured Collection Friday, as we highlight a different collection every week.

This week’s featured collection is the Medieval Collection from the University of Manchester. The Special Collections Division of The University of Manchester Library holds outstanding collections of rare books, manuscripts and archives from the Middle Ages. Our Medieval Collection contains complete works of paramount importance in a variety of key subject areas, including History, Theology, Art, Literature, Language, and the History of Science and Medicine.

Whether you are into music, murals, art, history, photographs, manuscripts, science, computers, postcards, or just about anything else, a wealth of content awaits your discovery.
If you are interested in seeing the full list of public collections, you can also check out the Collections in LUNA page on our web-site!