Digital Collections

LUNA and the Google Cloud Vision API

Our October 2016 release introduces the integration of the Google Cloud Vision API to make use of Google’s image analysis capabilities in LUNA. This technology analyzes the content of an image, turning it into information that you can use to build your image catalog or supplement your own metadata.

Luna by the Numbers: Scanning in 2013

2013 marked our 21st year in business, and our scanning department was hard at work scanning everything from medieval manuscripts to underwear.  Here we take a look at the numbers...

Some Like It Digitized

One of the really cool aspects of working at Luna is we are asked to create digital surrogates of fabulous primary source materials that very few people ever get to see, much less handle. One such current project is digitization of feature film scripts from the Billy Wilder collection, including the writer/director’s personal desk set of his scripts. We are very excited to be helping out with this project...

Giving New Life to our Content

I get excited when I talk to people about to embark on a digitization project. I think it’s amazing we can take a 200-year-old book, scan it, and make it accessible to others. By digitizing our content we give it new life!

But my excitement wanes when people stop after the digitization is done...