Responsive. Accessible. Customizable.

Introducing a new LUNA viewer designed for expanded audience accessibility.

Our upcoming Spring (v7.4) release introduces a IIIF viewer building upon LUNA as a IIIF image server while adding a responsive delivery option to the LUNA Toolset.  The new LUNA Viewer aims to meet Section 508 guidelines for web accessibility further enhancing the LUNA Viewer experience.



• Responsive – built for expanded delivery to audiences on mobile platforms

• Minimalist Design – Intuitive Navigation and Discover                                                                       Search and Display targeted collections/facets/related media/media groups

• Best Practices – LUNA as a IIIF Image Viewer                                                                                   Built upon LUNA as a IIIF Presentation API

• Provides an opportunity to further customize the viewer for LUNA clients

• Web Accessibility Compliance                   

• Introduces standard keyboard commands and actions for navigation