LUNA Features

Responsive. Accessible. Customizable.

Introducing a new LUNA viewer designed for expanded audience accessibility.

Our upcoming Spring (v7.4) release introduces a IIIF viewer building upon LUNA as a IIIF image server while adding a responsive delivery option to the LUNA Toolset.  The new LUNA Viewer aims to meet Section 508 guidelines for web accessibility further enhancing the LUNA Viewer experience.



• Responsive – built for expanded delivery to audiences on mobile platforms

• Minimalist Design – Intuitive Navigation and Discover                                                                       Search and Display targeted collections/facets/related media/media groups

• Best Practices – LUNA as a IIIF Image Viewer                                                                                   Built upon LUNA as a IIIF Presentation API

• Provides an opportunity to further customize the viewer for LUNA clients

• Web Accessibility Compliance                   

• Introduces standard keyboard commands and actions for navigation


The LUNA Viewer API and IIIF for a Custom User Experience

With support for the IIIF Presentation API, LUNA collections and content can easily be explored in the expanding arena of IIIF Viewers.  The Clyfford Still Museum utilized the LUNA Viewer API and the IIIF Presentation API when working with Cogapp to create a custom user experience for exploring over 2,000 items. Read about it in the New York Times.

View Clyfford Still | Museum Online Collection
Learn how the pieces fit together:

LUNA and the Google Cloud Vision API

Our October 2016 release introduces the integration of the Google Cloud Vision API to make use of Google’s image analysis capabilities in LUNA. This technology analyzes the content of an image, turning it into information that you can use to build your image catalog or supplement your own metadata.