LUNA Software & IIIF

LUNA is proud to be part of the growing community of leading image repositories supporting full IIIF integration.


The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) provides an unprecedented new way of sharing digital content using a standardized format for image requests.  Developed out of the collaborative efforts of numerous institutions, IIIF is rapidly being adopted by the wider cultural heritage sector.

LUNA’s October 2016 release introduces our most advanced IIIF handling yet, with support for cross-collection search results, media groups, and display formats (including BookReader).  LUNA provides users with a shareable URL that can be opened in a variety of IIIF viewers.  URLs can be created from any of the following actions in LUNA:

  • Search results (single and multiple collections)

  • Groups

  • Single images/books in the Detail View

This means any image or BookReader object can be shared individually or as part of a group of other content. These groups and searches are dynamic so if content is added or removed the URL pulls the appropriate content.



The implementations embedded in this page display items from various LUNA collections, using two different IIIF viewers: Mirador and the Universal Viewer.  Each viewer provides its own set of tools for zooming, panning, rotating, and image manipulation.    

Four views of the earth, from David Rumsey Maps and NASA Images, displayed in the Mirador viewer:

Images from David Rumsey Maps and NASA Images, displayed in the Mirador viewer: