LUNA makes it easy to organize, manage, and preserve digital assets.  Curated collections can be delivered to targeted audiences or the general public. LUNA software is comprised of a complete set of tools that can be distributed across multiple roles within any size organization, either as SaaS or on premises.

LUNA’s visually powerful web-based platform provides an appealing alternative to other digital asset management systems that focus primarily on managing metadata at the expense of the assets themselves. 

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VIEWING & Disovery

Your content is special. Give your audience the tools to appreciate it.  

  • Quickly zoom in on image details
  • Compare multiple items side-by-side
  • Browse and narrow search by Who, What, When, Where facet categories
  • Embedded metadata search and display
  • Advanced, keyword, data panel, full text search
  • Support for mobile with the new LUNAversal Viewer
Now with two LUNA Viewer options to choose from.

Now with two LUNA Viewer options to choose from.



  • Displays all common formats (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG2000, PDF, PNG, etc.)
  • Native Flash and MP3 playback
  • Page flip effect for books
  • MARC records integration


LUNA allows users to do more than just browse collections.

  • Save favorites to Media Groups
  • Create dynamic presentations and slideshows
  • Export Media Groups and presentations to PowerPoint
  • Add custom annotations
  • Add individual pages, or entire books to Media Groups and slideshows


Based on open source applications Solr and Lucene, LUNA is so fast you can create a collection in just minutes. Save time and money on your image processing with LUNA’s automatic image derivative and JPG2000 creation.

  • Add or edit record data in bulk
  • Bulk upload media items and data
  • Save records as draft
  • Update records without republishing
  • Easily copy items between collections
  • Automatic derivative and JPG2000 creation
  • Import local authorities and controlled vocabularies
  • UTF-8 compliant


LUNA was built to support different roles and responsibilities. Control who has access to your collections, and who can help create and manage them.

  • Grant access to specific LUNA tools
  • Control cataloging permissions
  • Control export and image viewing size
  • Restrict by IP, integrate with Active Directory LDAP, Open LDAP


Each collection in LUNA can have its own properties and data structure, while your audience can treat them all as one, easily searching across multiple collections.

  • Build a custom data structure, or choose an existing one (Dublin Core, VRA Core, Simple Labels)
  • Support for repeating fields, local authorities
  • Choose which fields can be sorted, searched, and displayed
  • Change your collection name and description at any time
  • Select thumbnail labels and media summary fields
  • Map data fields to Who, What, When, Where facet categories
  • Map data to OAI-PMH for participation with Open Archives Initiative


Collections published in LUNA are search engine optimized, and integrated analytics help you stay informed of how your collections are being used.  

  • Built-in search engine optimization
  • Easy eCommerce integration either with our partner Reprint Mint, or with your own fulfillment partner
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Flickr API


IIIF Image Server

LUNA delivers full support for the IIIF Presentation API.

  • The Presentation API provides IIIF handling  and support for cross-collection search results, media groups, and formats (including BookReader) for display in IIIF Viewers.
  • With this latest development, LUNA collections and content can be easily explored in the expanding arena of IIIF Viewers.


LUNA IIIF Image Server & LUNA IIIF Viewer

Introducing the LUNAversal Viewer
Responsive. Accessible. Customizable.

  • LUNA's extensibility as a IIIF Viewer will facilitate access to LUNA Collections.
  • The integration of the new IIIF Viewer for LUNA greatly enhances our capacity to provide new features and tools as they are developed by the IIIF Community.

Preview the LUNA Viewers

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