Welcome to the LUNA Trial!  In this first tutorial you'll explore the Viewer. 


1.  When you first launch the Viewer, you'll see a list of collections in the upper left.  Click on the collection named "Sample from Rumsey Historical Map Collection."

2.  Then click on the "Browse All" button:


3.  You'll see a screen displaying the first 50 items.  Under the "Settings" icon you'll find options for managing the number of items per page, the size of the thumbnails displayed, and the sort order.

4.  Hover over any item and you'll see a Media Summary that includes Title, Publisher, and other fields:


5.  Click on any item and you'll see a full screen view of the item.  In the Media Information column on the left you'll find embedded data that includes Identifier, Title, Creator, Subject, and Description: 

6.  You can zoom in with the magnification tool that appears when you hover over an image:

7.  When you're zoomed in, you'll be able to click and drag to pan across the image.  The box in the lower right allows you to position your screen view anywhere on the image:

8.  To navigate back to the previous page use the arrow in the upper left.  To navigate between images use the box in the upper right:


9.  From the menu you can also share a link, create an embeddable link, print the page, or access documentation specific to the Viewer for further tips:    


Congratulations!  You've finished Tutorial One.



Contact us if you need help with your free trial.

For more information on the LUNA Viewer check out our documentation.