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LUNA Viewer - Feature Rich for Research

LUNAversal Viewer - New Responsive Delivery Option for Expanded Audience Discovery

Launch LUNA in your browser and experience firsthand how your content will come to life.  Explore sample collections and the end-user features of the LUNA Toolset. 

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What Can I Do in the Free Trial?

In your trial you'll have access to the LUNA Viewer, the LUNA Library and the LUNA Uploader.  In the Viewer you'll be able to navigate through collections, view embedded data and search for content.  With the Library and Uploader you'll be able to upload your own content, add record data and publish your images to the Viewer.

As a registered user you'll have access to tutorials that will guide you through each of these steps.

If you want to go even further and build a collection from scratch, contact us and we'll give you access to the Collection Manager as well!

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