LUNA Hosted

There’s no need for a complex software license with our SaaS offering. We offer the LUNA toolset hosted with Google Cloud Platform’s Google Compute Engine. Starting with 100GB of storage (LUNA Solo) or 250 GB (Enterprise) LUNA Hosted Service features:

High-performance virtual machines
Global load balancing
Compliance and security

For Single Users and Small Teams – LUNA Solo

LUNA Solo, LUNA 5, LUNA 10

LUNA Solo provides a risk free option for quickly building collections and representing content in LUNA. With LUNA Solo a department, individual, small institution, or collector can quickly represent content for internal use and or public access.

LUNA Solo is just $50 per month or $600 per year and includes 100GB of storage.

LUNA Solo is ideal for proof-of-concept projects.

LUNA 5 & LUNA 10 build upon LUNA Solo with up to 5 or 10 LUNA Toolset user accounts to benefit small teams.

With either of the above starting points you can add unlimited LUNA Viewer users through the anonymous credential (public, no login required).  Need user authentication: .  

Additional annual storage is just $1.00 per GB or $1,000.00 per TB

LUNA Viewer account bundles are available in an annual of $250 for up to 50 user accounts or $500 for up to 100 user accounts.


LUNA For the Enterprise

Shared or Dedicated with Performance Options for SaaS

Includes unlimited LUNA Toolset and Viewer accounts.

LUNA’s integration with Active Directory, LDAP, and OpenLDAP provides an easy solution for organizations with an existing authentication system.

LUNA Hybrid and on-Premises License options –

Shared or Dedicated with Performance Options for SaaS

With a LUNA Software license, clients can install on their choice of hardware (local or cloud) with an annual maintenance and support contract.

Options include:

  • Hybrid model for a LUNA managed instance (we’ll install and manage upgrades on your cloud platform)

  • On-Premises Remote Console Installation, Support, and Repair