LUNA's integration with Google Cloud Nearline and Coldine (external cloud based storage) provides additional benefits for LUNA clients choosing to add this additional service and manage their own accounts.

The core benefit of LUNA integration provides a layer of transparency -- supported by the LUNA Toolset -- for redundancy and preservation as Source and Associated media is uploaded to LUNA and/or the Nearline or Coldline instance with Google Cloud Storage.  

Features include:

  • Integrated permissions from within the LUNA Toolset for workflow
  • Store Source image in LUNA and/or Nearline or Coldline storage
  • Visual confirmation of Source and Associated media uploaded to LUNA and to external cloud storage from within the LUNA Toolset
    • LUNA Library through the Media Item Editor
    • LUNA Uploader
  • Access to Checksums and fixity information for files uploaded to Nearline or Coldline storage
    • View attributes from within LUNA


In providing flexibility to manage and control safekeeping of media resources from both within LUNA and/or Nearline or Coldline Storage, LUNA now bridges repository management with expanded source media integration, while enabling media resources to be viewed and managed through the LUNA Toolset.

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